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TAK Construction LLC is committed toundertaking all our projects in a manner that protects the health and safety of all our employees, subcontractors and stake holders while promoting continual improvement in its HSE policy.

TAK Construction LLC adheres to its objectives and commitments in line with strict compliance with the rules and regulations of Dubai Municipality and other structurally authorities.

TAK Construction LLC and all its employees strongly believe in implementation of strong HSE Policy in a commitment from every individual with unconditional support from management.

The TAK Construction LLC is committed to :

  • Ensure that no harm is caused to our environment, employees, contractors, sub-contractors or any person in connection with our activities by providing a safe working environment and environment friendly approach.
  • Developing a positive Health & Safety culture across the business thus targeting for zero Lost Time Injuries and wellbeing of an individual employee.
  • Adopting accepted best practices which comply with the applicable local and national Environment, Health and Safety legislation whilst meeting with the international standards.
  • Providing adequate training to all our employees in order to enhance their environmental awareness, safe working practices to achieve Zero tolerance on unsafe acts that may lead to financial, legal and moral implications.
  • Identifying environmental aspects such as emissions to the atmosphere, releases into water and land, use of energy, heat radiation and vibration thus reducing waste and pollution.
  • Identifying occupational hazards, evaluating risk, implementing control measures and taking preventive actions prior to starting any activity with the commitment of all employees.
  • Continuously monitor and review work procedures to ensure that new environment friendly and safe procedures are adopted.
  • The Environment, Health and Safety Policy is an integral part of the core business. The management will ensure that the policy is reviewed annually and remain legally compliant, relevant, achievable and credible.